Landlord issues

Having problems with your landlord?
This is the right place to post any questions, issues or dilemmas you might be having.

Letting agency issues

Letting agents.

Repairs and maintenance

Repairs not being done? Taps leaking? Boiler on the blink? Maintenance being missed?


DPS, TDS, MyDeposits, Safe Deposits Scotland.

Moving out

Share all your moving out tales and experiences here.


Pets. Some landlords refuse, some landlords are fine. Sometimes everything goes well, sometimes it doesn’t.


All your green-fingered questions live in here.

Notice letters

All Notice letter questions go in this category.

Tenancy agreements

Tenancy agreement can be complex, confusing and sometimes non-existent.

Housing benefit

How does Housing Benefit work? How do you apply for housing benefit? How have the recent rule changes affected you?

Section 21/Section 8

Controversial Section 21 and Section 8 notices are discussed in this category.


Who’s responsible for different types of insurance? Should tenants get insurance? Is it worth it?

Utility bills

Bills bills bills.

Moving in

What should you look out for when moving in?